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About Us

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About Us

Here at Gold Buyers our #1 priority is to help! We aren’t like any other pawn shop in South Florida. We have 20 plus years of experience and amazing customer service. We originally opened our 1st high end location in Hollywood Florida, and are extremely proud of our 2nd location. Located here in Boca Raton directly across the street from Mizner Park Parking Garages

Our Story

Gold Buyers is a family owned and operated business, we take pride in servicing our clients like family.  We our extremely proud to announce that we are introducing our forth generation to servicing our clients with the same courtesy as always.

How We Do It

It doesn’t matter if you’d like to sell or pawn your items.

We offer nothing but the best service and top prices for all your needs!

Lowest interest rates around!

Gold, Gold Buyers, Boca Raton


Bars / Jewelry / Coin

We accept all forms of Gold from 10k and up.

We take jewelry, bars, scrap, and coins are always accepted.

Platinum, Gold Buyers, Boca Raton


Jewelry / Coins / Bars

We accept all forms of Platinum

We take Platinum Bars, Coins, Jewelry and Scrap are always accepted.

Silver, Silver bar, Gold buyers, boca raton


Silverware / Bars / Coins / Jewelry

Any form of silver is accepted from bars, jewelry, coins, scrap, and silverware are always accepted at Gold Buyers in Boca Raton

Lets Get Started…

We are and ready to service you needs